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The global 


We envision a new decentralised world with no borders where you rule and control all the rights to your own personal digital identity and footprint. Basically making you more free, independent and protected from harm in a rough on-line neighborhood. 

A For One project

This is an experimental project initiated by the creators of For One ( as a part of our dreams laboratory where we strive to invent and develop things and initiatives that can make the world a better place. 

We have a registered trademark, a vision and a sort of a mission for Digizen® but there are still so many things to figure out before we are ready to share more about what we are doing with the world. 

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Support us

There is a really nice hoodie to buy in support of this project if you are willing to part with 100€ plus shipment and if you like the color of love. 

For the moment we still have a small supply of hoodies in stock and hopefully there is still a size that fits. Just send us a request and will see what we can do. 

Does this idea tinkle your toas? 

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